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T.H.E. Journal

February 1981 Volume 8, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Computer Conferencing: Exploding the Classroom Walls

    Raymond E. Schroeder

    Reports that by using several features of the PLATO computer aided instruction system, students in Illinois and Hawaii who were taking similar courses were able to communicate with each other and... More

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  2. Computers and Education: The Genie Is Out of the Bottle

    John C. Lautsch

    Presents an overview of computer use in education and other realms. Concludes that the true computer revolution in education may not be the use of computer assisted instruction but rather the... More

    pp. 34-35

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  3. CBI--A Blueprint for Successful Implementation

    Maurice Mitchell

    Des Moines Area Community College cooperated with other Iowa community colleges and IBM in designing and implementing a computer based education system. Outlines the systems approach used including... More

    pp. 36-39

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  4. A Systematic Approach to the Design of Computer Assisted Instruction Materials

    Janet Hartman

    Describes six basic steps in designing the instructional content of computer assisted instructional materials. (DC) More

    pp. 43-45

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  5. The Human Learning System

    Edward C. Norman

    Suggests that learning is a process undergoing change from infancy to adulthood and that the more consciously aware the learner is of the process, the more the learner can be in control. Presents... More

    pp. 47-48

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  6. Information Retrieval in Education

    Alfred Bork

    Reviews hardware (microfilm, videodiscs, computers) which can process and retrieve large amounts of educational information. Identifies ways in which computer-based techniques can be used for... More

    pp. 49-51

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