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Education for Information

2001 Volume 19, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Primary School Students, Information Literacy and the Web

    Leanne Bowler, Andrew Large & Gill Rejskind

    This study follows three sixth grade primary school students as they access, interpret, and use information found on the Web for a class assignment. Discusses information seeking behavior,... More

    pp. 201-23

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  2. On the Present State of Information Society Studies

    Alistair S. Duff

    Assesses the present condition of the emerging specialism of information society studies. Topics include the information economy; information technology; the information explosion; the Japanese... More

    pp. 231-44

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  3. The Scope of the Syllabus of Information Society Studies

    Alistair Black

    Discussion of the scope of information society studies focuses on a syllabus for an ideal module in information society studies, comprising aims, learning outcomes, attained skills, and indicative ... More

    pp. 245-52

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  4. Teaching the Information Society: Pragmatism or Pangloss?

    Susan Hornby

    This paper describes one lecturer's experience of teaching the information society, addresses some of the concerns expressed by those who teach in the area, and examines the problems that tend to... More

    pp. 253-57

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