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Education for Information

1995 Volume 13, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Practical Implications of the Introduction of Flexible Learning Techniques to an IT-Based Course

    G Sargent & A Morris

    Describes a project developed at Loughborough University (United Kingdom) to evaluate the application of flexible learning techniques to an information technology-based database concepts course.... More

    pp. 91-102

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  2. Through the Looking Glass Darkly: Research Agendas and Faculty Attitudes Regarding Periodical Prestige

    Virgil L. P. Blake & Renee Tjoumas

    Discussion of research productivity related to library and information science educators' tenure and promotion. Focuses on studies that have investigated the criteria for evaluating professors'... More

    pp. 103-15

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  3. Learning to Use a Graphics Presentation Package: The Complexity of an Undergraduate Learning Task

    Clive Cochrane

    This case study examines the learning tasks associated with undergraduates' use of a computer graphics presentation package at The Queen's University (Belfast, Ireland). Results of a summative... More

    pp. 131-43

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