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Education for Information

1992 Volume 10, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Life Values of Library and Information Studies Students and Faculty

    Joyce Kirk & Barbara Poston-Anderson

    Students and faculty in different programs often hold different values that can affect the learning process, especially when students share classes. A values study of students and faculty in... More

    pp. 3-15

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  2. Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Information Resources Management: Educational and Managerial Judgement about Appropriate Course Content

    J Laribee

    A survey of 147 information science educators and managers revealed a high degree of commonality in the courses each saw as important for programs in information resources management. Differences... More

    pp. 17-33

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  3. Online Searching and CD-ROM in British Schools

    Margaret Butterworth

    School use of PRESTEL, CAMPUS 2000, NERIS, and ECCTIS is discussed, and the implications of these online services and CD-ROM products are considered. A report is given on the CHIRP project ... More

    pp. 35-48

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