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Distance Education

May 2007 Volume 28, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Listening for Silence in Text-Based, Online Encounters

    Michalinos Zembylas & Charalambos Vrasidas

    This article addresses the ways in which learners' silence plays out within asynchronous and synchronous text-based, online communication. Our study takes an ethnographic perspective in examining... More

    pp. 5-24

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  2. Learners' Representation of Their Affective Domain through Figurative Language in a Web-Based Learning Environment

    Stefania Manca & Manuela Delfino

    This study investigated how the participants of an online learning course employed figurative language to express their emotions and feelings during the learning experience. Textual analysis was... More

    pp. 25-43

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  3. The Occurrence and Character of Stories and Storytelling in a Computer Conference

    Patrick J. Fahy

    Constructivist views of online interaction often refer to the power of stories and the role of storytelling in the sharing and construction of knowledge, and the creation of learning communities.... More

    pp. 45-63

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  4. Instructor-Learner Interaction in Online Courses: The Relative Perceived Importance of Particular Instructor Actions on Performance and Satisfaction

    Vanessa P. Dennen, A Aubteen Darabi & Linda J. Smith

    This article examines the relative perceived importance of 19 instructor actions in online courses according to both instructors and students. The instructor actions were culled from guidelines in ... More

    pp. 65-79

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  5. New Learning Design in Distance Education: The Impact on Student Perception and Motivation

    Rob Martens, Theo Bastiaens & Paul A. Kirschner

    Many forms of e-learning (such as online courses with authentic tasks and computer-supported collaborative learning) have become important in distance education. Very often, such e-learning courses... More

    pp. 81-93

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  6. Individual Perseverance: A Theory of Home Tutors' Management of Schooling in Isolated Settings

    Belinda Tynan & Marnie O'Neill

    This article reports a study of parents' management of the education of primary school-aged children in their care in remote and rural locations of Western Australia. It presents a theory of the... More

    pp. 95-110

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