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Distance Education

October 2003 Volume 24, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Impacts of an Online-Supported, Resource-Based Learning Environment: Does One Size Fit All?

    Christine Armatas, Dale Holt & Mary Rice

    This paper reports on the use of an online, resource-based learning (RBL) approach in first year psychology at Deakin University. Differences between on- and off-campus students that emerged are... More

    pp. 141-158

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  2. Impacts of Directed Tutorial Activities in Computer Conferencing: A Case Study

    Clare Painter, Caroline Coffin & Ann Hewings

    This paper describes a qualitative study of asynchronous electronic conferencing by three tutorial groups on the same postgraduate course ("Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Worldwide... More

    pp. 159-173

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  3. Exploring Electronic Forum Participation and Interaction by EFL Speakers in Two Web-Based Graduate-Level Courses

    Senem Yildiz & Barbara A. Bichelmeyer

    The purpose of this study is to describe forum participation of international graduate students who speak English as a foreign language in two Web-based graduate courses. Research questions focused... More

    pp. 175-193

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  4. Web-Based Video and Frame Theory in the Professional Development of Teachers: Some Implications for Distance Education

    Cresencia Fong & Earl Woodruff

    This study explores the use of video vignettes as a tool for the professional development of teachers. It is postulated that teachers' professional frames prime them to view vignettes through... More

    pp. 195-211

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  5. Online Measurement of Academic Programme Preferences for Distance Learners in Hong Kong

    Wei-yuan Zhang & Lai-hung Au Yeung

    The purpose of this paper is to report on the development of the first online self-directed inventory on the measurement of academic programme preferences (MAPP) for potential students at the Open ... More

    pp. 213-226

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  6. Exploring the Effects of Personality Type on Perceived Satisfaction with Web-Based Learning in Continuing Professional Development

    Heather Kanuka & Norma Nocente

    The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a relationship between learner personality types and perceived satisfaction when using Web-based instruction for mandatory and self-regulated ... More

    pp. 227-244

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  7. Facilitating Team-Based Course Designing with Conceptual Mapping

    Alistair Inglis

    A method of rendering the design of a course visible for the purpose of discussion amongst the members of course development teams is described. The paper begins by examining the way in which... More

    pp. 247-263

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