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Behaviour & Information Technology

July 2010 Volume 29, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Knowledge Contribution in Virtual Communities: Accounting for Multiple Dimensions of Social Presence through Social Identity

    Kathy Ning Shen, Angela Yan Yu & Mohamed Khalifa

    Integrating social presence theory and social identity theory, this study brings system design and social influence aspects together to explain their joint effects on knowledge contribution in... More

    pp. 337-348

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  2. Knowledge Retrieval through Virtual Communities of Practice

    Jens Gammelgaard

    This article explores how Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) manages knowledge retrieval by employees when they need to access documents written by colleagues in geographically distant units. CSC'... More

    pp. 349-362

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  3. Does Virtual Team Composition Matter? Trait and Problem-Solving Configuration Effects on Team Performance

    Ofir Turel & Yi Zhang

    Due to the increased importance and usage of self-managed virtual teams, many recent studies have examined factors that affect their success. One such factor that merits examination is the... More

    pp. 363-375

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  4. Students and Social Networking Sites: The Posting Paradox

    Robert Miller, Kristine Parsons & David Lifer

    This article reports the results of a field study in which undergraduate students were questioned about their use of social networking sites and the appropriateness of the content that they post.... More

    pp. 377-382

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  5. Relationship of Metacognitive Monitoring with Interaction in an Asynchronous Online Discussion Forum

    Abdullah Topcu

    Monitoring one's own performance accurately is essential for information-processing and self-regulation, which are indispensable in an online learning environment. In this article, the effect of... More

    pp. 395-402

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