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Teaching of Psychology

2003 Volume 30, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Effects of CAI on the Academic Performance and Attitudes of College Students

    Paul D. Luyben, Kristin Hipworth & Thomas Pappas

    Although computer-assisted instruction (CAI) favorably affects academic performance and attitudes toward instruction, most CAI programs target mastery but not fluency. This study used a within... More

    pp. 154-158

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  2. Procrastination in Online Courses: Performance and Attitudinal Differences

    Greg C. Elvers, Donald J. Polzella & Ken Graetz

    This study investigated the relation between dilatory behaviors and performance in students whom we randomly assigned to either an online or a traditional, lecture introductory psychology class.... More

    pp. 159-162

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  3. A Virtual Lab in Research Methods

    Barbara A. Sommer & Robert Sommer

    A hands-on lab for a lower division research methods course used an online format with Web page, Web forms, an e-mail listproc, and chat room. The virtual section received a higher rating for... More

    pp. 171-173

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