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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1978 Volume 7, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Computer-Based Diagnostic Simulation for Medical Training

    James V. Schultz

    Describes a specific diagnostic model and its use in training and evaluating health care personnel. Educational viability is examined in terms of (1) reality of simulation, (2) stability of student... More

    pp. 109-17

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  2. Television for Changing Teacher Behavior

    Shlomo Sharan

    Reports on the use of closed circuit television as a critical component in the process of in-service teacher training for implementing alternative teaching methods. A five-step problem solving... More

    pp. 119-31

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  3. "T**2=L": Theory and Technology Combine for Learning

    Davina J. Gosnell

    Describes the use of telelecture in a continuing education course for registered nurses in two rural states. The author suggests that a major variable to success in the use of telelecture is the... More

    pp. 133-41

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  4. Using Popular Television as a Teaching Tool for the Linguistically Diverse

    Muriel Wall

    Illustrates how media communication techniques can be adapted for curriculum development. Popular television series suggested by the students are used to provide recommendations for lessons to... More

    pp. 143-50

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  5. Radicalization of Urban Education via Improved Educational Technology Systems

    John McBrayer

    Referes to radical overhaul of organizational structures, processes, and products of the key contributing participants in the urban school setting, and applying recently developed educational... More

    pp. 151-65

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  6. Media and Affect: A Comparison of Video-Tape, Audio-Tape, and Print

    Ruth Stroud Machula

    An experiment to determine if different affective responses would result from exposure to three different forms of media presenting the same content used a semantic differential to measure... More

    pp. 167-85

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  7. Structuralism in Instructional Design

    David H. Jonassen

    Structuralism as a theoretical base has so pervaded instructional design procedures and principles that conceptually identical constructs are competing for attention in the field. Standardization... More

    pp. 187-93

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