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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1977 Volume 6, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Learning Systems for the Future

    W L. Harvey

    New approaches proposed in the early sixties to be pervasive change agents for education and training have in general failed to materialize because of oversell of capabilities, poor implementation,... More

    pp. 3-6

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  2. The Costs and Economics of Learning Systems

    P A. Watson

    Stresses the interrelation of the components of learning systems and analyzes the categories of costs involved, based on a life cycle assumption. The phases of human subsystem development are... More

    pp. 7-19

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  3. A Computerized Lecture Preparation and Delivery System

    Darrell L. Ward

    Documents a system to aid the in-class presentation of information. The various components of the system are described, and a description of several benefits afforded by such a system is presented.... More

    pp. 21-32

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  4. Instructional Computer Systems in Israel: A Learning Experience and a Teaching Experience

    Samuel W. Spero

    Suggests two approaches to using computers: (1) to institute centralized facilities for an entire school district to which students are bussed when necessary, and (2) to use moveable minicomputers ... More

    pp. 33-44

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  5. Computer Awareness Laboratory

    James D. Powell & Herbert E. Speece

    Describes a project involving a traveling van, equipped with several small computers, which visits high schools giving demonstrations, allowing students to access the computers, and providing... More

    pp. 45-5

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  6. A Pragmatic Approach to Criticism of Multimedia

    Ken Burke

    Recommends a functional/experiential approach to analysis and judgment of multimedia presentations, emphasizing structure and style of presentation, technical and aesthetic factors, value to the... More

    pp. 57-76

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