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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1976 Volume 5, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. A Follow-Up Report on the Appalachian Education Satellite Project

    William J. Bramble

    In May of 1974, the Applied Technology Satellite Number 6 (ATS-6) was launched. Among the jobs planned for ATS-6 was the large-scale delivery of educational and health services. Sponsored by the... More

    pp. 81-94

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  2. A Cost Analysis of Instructional Television in Hagerstown

    Stuart Wells & Steven Klees

    The instructional television system in Washington County, Maryland has perhaps the longest continuous history of any ITV project in the world. This paper presents a detailed analysis of actual... More

    pp. 95-111

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  3. Teaching English with Audio Visual Technology

    Mahima Ranjan Kundu

    A sample study unit for Shakespeare is given to illustrate the important role educational media can play in reinforcing learning. (Author) More

    pp. 113-119

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  4. Media and Innovation Spark a Revolution in Higher Education in Iran

    John Cummings & Ebrahim Rashidpour

    A massive growth of the economy has fueled a continuing crisis in providing adequately trained professionals for Iran. One answer has been the creation of the Free University of Iran. Local Centers... More

    pp. 121-129

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  5. An Automated Record Keeping System for Use in Keller-Type Courses

    Marian M. Shepherd

    An automated recordkeeping system has been in use for three years at York University. This Fortran program provides a generalized practical (and portable) solution to the problems of recordkeeping ... More

    pp. 131-137

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  6. Gaming Theory and Commercial Games for Teaching Science

    G Alexander Stephenson & Gerald C. Llewellyn

    The various types of games are defined and characterized, and a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages provides a valuable guide to using games successfully. A comprehensive listing of... More

    pp. 139-154

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  7. Historical Development of Computer Assisted Instruction

    F J. Blaisdell

    The scope of this historical overview includes the salient contributions from the several scientific and engineering disciplines which made CAI possible during the late 1950's. The time span... More

    pp. 155-170

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