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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2018 Volume 46, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Tangible Technology-Enhanced Learning for Improvement of Student Collaboration

    Reneta P. Barneva, Federico Gelsomini, Kamen Kanev & Paolo Bottoni

    Collaboration among students in the course of learning plays an important role in developing communication skills. In particular, it helps for team building and brainstorming on solutions of... More

    pp. 284-302

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  2. Teaching Decision-Making in Multiple Dimensions

    Reneta P. Barneva, Valentin E. Brimkov & Lisa M. Walters

    In all areas of human activity, decision-making based on data analysis is very important. As the availability of data grows, it becomes critical to educate not only traditional students but also... More

    pp. 303-314

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  3. Designing a Programmatic Digital Learning Environment: Lessons from Prototyping

    Diane Gal & Mark Lewis

    Promoted as a way to enhance learning and improve efficiencies, the steady rise of technology adoption across higher education has created both new opportunities and new challenges. Borrowing... More

    pp. 315-328

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  4. Education Student Perceptions of Virtual Reality as a Learning Tool

    Jelia R. Domingo & Elizabeth Gates Bradley

    The purpose of this study was to ascertain student perceptions of the use and value of three-dimensional virtual environments. A grounded theory approach was used to gather and examine data. Just... More

    pp. 329-342

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  5. Developing Community and Building Knowledge Online Using a Virtual Reality Environment and Student-Created Videos

    Eileen A. O'Connor

    Within an online science teacher education course, an important although secondary goal was to prepare students for a high-stakes licensure portfolio at some time after course completion. Thus,... More

    pp. 343-362

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  6. Digital Distraction: Shedding Light on the 21st-Century College Classroom

    Lynn S. Aaron & Talia Lipton

    It is not uncommon to walk into a college classroom and find all heads bowed down to a flashing screen and the room . . . silent. While digital devices can certainly support learning, what about... More

    pp. 363-378

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