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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2017 Volume 46, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. As Long as You Are Here, Can I Interest in You Some Science? Increasing Student Engagement by Co-Opting a Social Networking Site, Facebook for Science Discussions

    Aditi Pai, Megan Cole, Jennifer Kovacs, Mark Lee, Kyndra Stovall & Gene McGinnis

    We adopted Facebook as part of a large enrollment science discussion class in a bid to exploit students' time on this social networking site and tested the effectiveness of this "co-option... More

    pp. 153-177

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  2. Assessing Online Discussions: A Holistic Approach

    Yu-mei Wang & Der-Thanq Chen

    This article reports a holistic approach to assessing online discussions. This holistic approach integrates three assessment methods: assessment of learning, assessment for learning, and assessment... More

    pp. 178-190

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  3. Self-Regulated Learning: The Continuous-Change Conceptual Framework and a Vision of New Paradigm, Technology System, and Pedagogical Support

    Yeol Huh & Charles M. Reigeluth

    A modified conceptual framework called the Continuous-Change Framework for self-regulated learning (SRL) is presented. Common elements and limitations among the past frameworks are discussed in... More

    pp. 191-214

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  4. Player Characteristics and Games: Findings and Implications for Distance Learning

    Michele D. Marvel

    Understanding the factors that affect participation in online games will help educational game designers develop games that maximize participation. This study investigated whether introversion or... More

    pp. 215-238

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  5. E-Feedback as a Scaffolding Teaching Strategy in the Online Language Classroom

    Wael Alharbi

    Feedback plays an important role in the student learning process as it gives the learners greater insight into what they have actually done to arrive at an outcome. The importance of providing... More

    pp. 239-251

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  6. Internet Ethics for Users and Providers

    Marion G. Ben-Jacob

    This article deliberates concepts of Internet ethics from the perspectives of user and providers. It discusses concerns of the users from different disciplines. It addresses issues and... More

    pp. 252-258

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  7. Migrating Learning Management Systems in Higher Education: Faculty Members' Perceptions of System Usage and Training When Transitioning from Blackboard Vista to Desire2Learn

    Ryan D. Rucker & Lydia R. Frass

    This study examined a migration from Blackboard Vista to Desire2Learn (D2L) within a multiuniversity system. Faculty members' perceptions from two of the systems' colleges were evaluated using a... More

    pp. 259-277

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