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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2016 Volume 44, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Interactive Whiteboard Technologies in High School: A Comparison of Their Impact on the Levels of Measure That Determine a Return on Investment

    Joseph M. Schipper & Russell G. Yocum

    This quantitative, quasi-experimental, nonequivalent group study examined the impact on levels of measure that determine a return on investment of differing forms of interactive whiteboard (IWB)... More

    pp. 377-403

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  2. Examining the Effects of School-Provided E-Readers on Middle School Students' Reading Ability

    H. Quincy Brown

    Nationwide, the increasing popularity of e-books is undeniable; sales of e-books increased an astounding 4,456% over a 5-year period. Researchers, Miranda, Johnson, and Rossi-Williams, determined... More

    pp. 404-410

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  3. Impacts of Flipped Classroom in High School Health Education

    Li-Ling Chen

    As advanced technology increasingly infiltrated into classroom, the flipped classroom has come to light in secondary educational settings. The flipped classroom is a new instructional approach that... More

    pp. 411-420

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  4. The Effect of Type of Podcasts and Learning Styles on Language Proficiency and Confidence

    Wei Qiang Kelly & James D. Klein

    This study examined the effect of type of podcasts and learning styles on speaking, listening, and confidence when college used podcasts for learning Chinese. It focused on college students... More

    pp. 421-429

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  5. A Virtual Steel Sculpture for Structural Engineering Education: Development and Initial Findings

    Hazar Nicholas Dib & Nicoletta Adamo-Villani

    We describe the development and evaluation of a virtual steel sculpture for engineering education. A good connection design requires the engineer to have a solid understanding of the mechanics and ... More

    pp. 430-449

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  6. Online Student Services: Current Practices and Recommendations for Implementation

    Tabitha L. Bailey & Abbie Brown

    Recommendations for planning and development of online student services based on a review of the literature on research conducted in a variety of college settings. Focus topics include the... More

    pp. 450-462

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