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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1975 Volume 4, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Potential Impacts of Educational Telecommunications Systems

    Robert P. Morgan

    Potential impacts of large-scale educational telecommunications systems are identified and issues to be considered in a more formal technology assessment are discussed. (Author) More

    pp. 77-98

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  2. Educational Decision-Makers and Systems Analytic Technique Assistance

    Robert J. Graves

    Results of preliminary field work with a number of educational agencies in the Atlanta area attempting to assess the interest of key decision-makers in such agencies in systems analysis approaches ... More

    pp. 99-110

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  3. Simulation vs. Lecture Demonstration: Alternative Approaches to Teaching Television Lighting

    James K. Carroll

    pp. 111-124

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  4. An Instructional Television Behavior Pretest Measure and its Relationship to Learning

    Donald G. Ogston

    Methods of pretesting viewer involvement with ITV program contents are briefly reviewed in terms of their precision, immediacy, unobtrusiveness, and relationship to learning. (Author) More

    pp. 125-128

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  5. Educational Programs, Competency Development and Instruction

    Richard L. Poole

    An instructional paradigm is described which starts with the student and then identifies three elements which if specified should unify the instructional process to yield a three-way consistency... More

    pp. 139-154

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  6. Use of Educational Technology in a Program on Technology and Society

    L Braun

    Two secondary school programs for developing technological literacy are discussed. Then, the development of digital simulation packages for use in natural and social science instructional programs ... More

    pp. 153-164

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