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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2009 Volume 37, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The SUNY Oneonta Second Life Music Project

    James Greenberg, Janet Nepkie & Harry E. Pence

    Do online virtual worlds represent a viable learning environment for higher education? Many Second Life classes resemble their real life equivalents, but some faculty are exploring the potential of... More

    pp. 251-258

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  2. Preparing for Second Life: Two Teacher Educators Reflect on Their Initial Foray into Virtual Teaching and Learning

    Eileen A. O'Connor & Lynae E. Sakshaug

    Second Life (SL) is a user-created virtual environment with possible merit for teaching and learning in higher education. In this article, two teacher educators reflect on their initial development... More

    pp. 259-271

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  3. Games and Web 2.0: A Winning Combination for Millennials

    Marsha Spiegelman & Richard Glass

    Gaming and social networking define the millennial student. This research focuses on an evolving collaboration between 2 faculty members of different disciplines who merged Web 2.0 and game... More

    pp. 273-289

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  4. Building Social Capital through Online Class Discussions: A Little Freedom Goes a Long Way

    Sheryl R. Schoenacher

    Online class discussions have been studied from many perspectives; however, the literature is lacking that shows instructors how to help online students build social capital. Social capital is an... More

    pp. 291-304

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  5. The Medium and the Message: Oral History, New Media, and a Grassroots History of Working Women

    Ruth Meyerowitz & Christine F. Zinni

    In the Spring of 2000, Ruth Meyerowitz and Christine Zinni began collaborative efforts--inside and outside of academia--to enhance a course on The History of Working Women at SUNY Buffalo.... More

    pp. 305-318

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  6. Are There Badlands Ahead for Higher Education?

    Harry E. Pence

    Several publications, including "Navigating the Badlands" a book by Mary O'Hara-Devereux as well as a report by the National Research Council, suggest troubled times are ahead for society and... More

    pp. 319-325

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  7. The Adjunct Advocate @ FIT: Bringing Part Time Faculty into the Mainstream

    Elaine Maldonado & Jeffrey Riman

    The Adjunct Advocate @ FIT is an online, faculty development program at FIT, part of the State University of New York. This convenient new resource, developed by the Center for Excellence in... More

    pp. 327-333

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  8. Principles for Constructing Good Clicker Questions: Going beyond Rote Learning and Stimulating Active Engagement with Course Content

    Roberta Sullivan

    Clickers are also referred to as classroom response systems. They are small-handheld electronic devices that resemble a television remote control, used by students to respond to questions posed by ... More

    pp. 335-347

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