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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2009 Volume 37, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Teacher Directed Active Learning Games

    Lori L. Scarlatos & Tony Scarlatos

    Games are widely recognized for their potential to enhance students' learning. Yet they are only rarely used in classrooms because they cannot be modified to meet the needs of a particular class.... More

    pp. 3-18

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  2. Online Computer Games as Collaborative Learning Environments: Prospects and Challenges for Tertiary Education

    Marina Papastergiou

    This study is aimed at presenting a critical overview of recent research studies on the use of educational online games as collaborative learning environments in Tertiary Education (TE), namely... More

    pp. 19-38

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  3. The Development of a Virtual Marine Museum for Educational Applications

    Wermhuar Tarng, Mei-Yu Change, Kuo-Liang Ou, Ya-Wen Chang & Hsin-Hun Liou

    The objective of this article is to investigate the computer animation and virtual reality technologies for developing a virtual marine museum. The museum consists of three exhibition areas. The... More

    pp. 39-59

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  4. Tools of Inquiry: Separating Tool and Task to Promote True Learning

    Mark D. Beatham

    Teachers must clearly distinguish for students the educational technologies (the tools or means) used to investigate a subject from the subject (the task) itself. Without this distinction, students... More

    pp. 61-70

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  5. Inside the Web: A Look at Digital Libraries and the Invisible/Deep Web

    Mila C. Su

    The evolution of the Internet and the World Wide Web continually exceeds expectations with the "swift pace" of technological innovations. Information is added, and just as quickly becomes outdated ... More

    pp. 71-82

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  6. The Effect of Computer Literacy Course on Students' Attitudes toward Computer Applications

    Zippy Erlich, Rivka Gadot & Daphna Shahak

    Studies indicate that the use of technologies as teaching aids and tools for self-study is influenced by students' attitudes toward computers and their applications. The purpose of this study is to... More

    pp. 83-95

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  7. Implementation Challenges of the English Language ePortfolio System from Various Stakeholder Perspectives

    Gary Cheng

    Electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) is no longer a new term in the area of educational research. It has been widely adopted by various tertiary institutions as a learning and assessment tool in... More

    pp. 97-118

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