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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2008 Volume 36, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Video Podcasting in Perspective: The History, Technology, Aesthetics, and Instructional Uses of a New Medium

    Abbie Brown & Timothy D. Green

    An examination of the current state of the art of podcasting, with a focus on video podcasting. Included are a review of the history and technical aspects of podcasting and an overview of current... More

    pp. 3-17

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  2. A Web-Based Interactive Mapping System of State Wide School Performance: Integrating Google Maps API Technology into Educational Achievement Data

    Kening Wang, Sean W. Mulvenon, Charles Stegman & Travis Anderson

    Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface), released in late June 2005 by Google, is an amazing technology that allows users to embed Google Maps in their own Web pages with JavaScript.... More

    pp. 19-28

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  3. The Impact of the Affinity Learning Authoring Tool on Student Learning

    Leen-Kiat Soh, David Fowler & Art I. Zygielbaum

    Affinity Learning is a system that allows the user to build a lesson on a subject matter by breaking it down into concepts, misconceptions, assessments, and remediation steps. Examples and... More

    pp. 29-62

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  4. A Survey of Hardware and Software Technologies for the Rapid Development of Multimedia Instructional Modules

    Nanda Ganesan

    A survey of hardware and software technologies was conducted to identify suitable technologies for the development of instructional modules representing various instructional approaches. The... More

    pp. 63-77

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  5. Impact of Multi-Media Case Studies on Improving Intrinsic Learning Motivation of Students

    Anju Mehta, Howard Clayton & Chetan S. Sankar

    Past research has suggested that students need to be motivated by themselves (intrinsic learning motivation) and use higher-order cognitive skills so as to excel in problem solving, decision-making... More

    pp. 79-103

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  6. Designing Online Courses to Promote Student Retention

    Beth Dietz-Uhler, Amy Fisher & Andrea Han

    Although the issue of student retention is a campus-wide one, it is of special interest in online distance learning courses, where retention rates are reported to be lower than in face-to-face... More

    pp. 105-112

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  7. Computer Use in Undergraduate Health Education Programs

    Corey H. Brouse, Charles E. Basch & Michael LeBlanc

    There is a paucity of research concerning the opinions and roles of Department Chairs pertaining to computer use, yet these individuals are in a key position to influence the curricula. The purpose... More

    pp. 113-124

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