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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2007 Volume 35, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Development of a Virtual Dinosaur Museum

    Wernhuar Tarng & Hsin-Hun Liou

    The objective of this article is to study the network and virtual reality technologies for developing a virtual dinosaur museum, which provides a Web-learning environment for students of all ages... More

    pp. 385-409

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  2. A Systematic Evaluation of Learning Objects for Secondary School Students

    Robin Kay

    Empirical research evaluating the effectiveness of learning objects is noticeably absent. No formal research has been done on the use of learning objects in secondary schools. The purpose of this... More

    pp. 411-448

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  3. The Portfolio Forum: Power in Reflection

    Nancy J. Hadley

    Many electronic portfolios become shining but superficial collections instead of environments for nurturing insight. Instructors must balance instructional time between perfecting the technical... More

    pp. 449-455

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  4. Instructor Based Training Versus Computer Based Training--A Comparative Study

    Lennart Malmskold, Roland Ortengren, Blair E. Carlson & Per Nylen

    This article describes two studies conducted to compare assembly performance and learning rate between computer based training and traditional training of skilled assembly operators. The studies... More

    pp. 457-478

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  5. Effects of Video Streaming Technology on Public Speaking Students' Communication Apprehension and Competence

    Michel Dupagne, Don W. Stacks & Valerie Manno Giroux

    This study examines whether video streaming can reduce trait and state communication apprehension, as well as improve communication competence, in public speaking classes. Video streaming... More

    pp. 479-490

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  6. The Effects of Personality Type on Web-Based Distance Learning

    Cathy Bishop-Clark, Beth Dietz-Uhler & Amy Fisher

    Web-based distance learning is a relatively new approach in higher education which is gaining in popularity. Because a Web-based classroom is so different than a traditional face-to-face classroom,... More

    pp. 491-506

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