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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2007 Volume 35, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Looking for Critical Thinking in Online Threaded Discussions

    Paula San Millan Maurino

    Threaded discussion forums have been a popular topic for the past few years in distance education research and studied as a factor in student participation, satisfaction, learning outcomes, social ... More

    pp. 241-260

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  2. Problem Solving Variations in an Online Programming Course

    Alireza Ebrahimi

    An observation on teaching introductory programming courses on SLN for a period of two terms led me to believe that online students try various ways to solve a problem. In the beginning, I got the ... More

    pp. 261-279

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  3. A Review of Cheating in Fully Asynchronous Online Courses: A Math or Fact-Based Course Perspective

    Sven Trenholm

    Un-proctored fully asynchronous online courses now appear to be a reality in all discipline areas. With full degree programs being offered online, it has become a badge of honor, to some colleges, ... More

    pp. 281-300

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  4. The Blackboard Learning System: The Be All and End All in Educational Instruction?

    Peter Bradford, Margaret Porciello, Nancy Balkon & Debra Backus

    Blackboard Inc. provides powerful and easy-to-use systems for educational instruction, communication, and assessment. In the last three years, Blackboard Inc. has marketed two major product lines: ... More

    pp. 301-314

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  5. The Use of Graphical Analysis with Microcomputer-Based Laboratories to Implement Inquiry as the Primary Mode of Learning Science

    Fernando Espinoza

    The laboratory-learning environment needs to become more exploratory and undergo a transformation from its traditional confirmatory role in the learning of science. This is necessary to effectively... More

    pp. 315-335

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  6. Reflections on the Implementation of a Course Website Maintained by Multiple Faculty Members: Analysis, Development, Sustainability, and Evaluation

    Aaron P. Fried

    Sustainability is a major issue when creating Websites that students use with courses. How will content change over time, how can faculty inexperienced with Web development add to and maintain... More

    pp. 337-345

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  7. Preparing for the Real Web Generation

    Harry E. Pence

    Some have called the current generation of college students the Web generation. They are wrong! The pace of technology change continues to quicken. The effects of globalization and social... More

    pp. 347-356

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