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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2007 Volume 35, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Untangling the Confounding Perceptions Regarding the Stand Alone IT Course

    Yu-Mei Wang & Victor Der-Thanq Chen

    The stand alone IT/computer course is the earliest IT training model in teacher education programs. This course model has been severely criticized and there has been a call to eliminate it from... More

    pp. 133-150

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  2. Investigating the Impact of the Availability of Scaffolds on Preservice Teacher Noticing and Learning from Video

    Stein Brunvand & Barry Fishman

    The study investigated how the availability of different types of scaffolds impacted what preservice teachers were able to learn and notice from video. The sample (n = 41) was drawn from three... More

    pp. 151-174

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  3. Strategies for Digital Storytelling via Tabletop Video: Building Decision Making Skills in Middle School Students in Marginalized Communities

    Robert Brick Maier & Mercedes Fisher

    Media education curricula has had to address significant changes in students' experiences of media resulting in a void for disadvantaged youth in terms of exposure to arts and technology. In this... More

    pp. 175-192

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  4. Implementing Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems in K-12 Settings: A Case Study on Approach and Challenges

    K K. Wijekumar

    Technologies for learning environments are a vital and growing market for software development and utilization. A team of designers and developers created a Web-based intelligent tutoring system to... More

    pp. 193-208

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  5. When Disaster Strikes, Move Your School Online

    Kimberly N. LaPrairie & Janice M. Hinson

    Hurricanes Katrina and Rita displaced thousands of K-12 students and demonstrated that when K-12 schools close unexpectedly and indefinitely, educational chaos results. Events such as deadly flu... More

    pp. 209-214

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  6. Effectiveness of Various Enhancement Strategies to Complement Animated Instruction: A Meta-Analytic Assessment

    Huifen Lin, Yu-Hui Ching, Fengfeng Ke & Francis Dwyer

    Animation of various types has been used increasingly in different disciplines in computer-based learning environments to facilitate achievements of different kinds of learning objectives. However,... More

    pp. 215-237

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