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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2007 Volume 35, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Making mLearning Work: Utilizing Mobile Technology for Active Exploration, Collaboration, Assessment, and Reflection in Higher Education

    Mercedes Fisher & Derek E. Baird

    The convergence of mobile technologies into student-centered learning environments requires academic institutions to design new and more effective learning, teaching, and user experience strategies... More

    pp. 3-30

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  2. Do You Have the Time? Investigating Online Classroom Workload

    Tel Amiel & Michael Orey

    The time it takes to teach and take classes has been the subject of much speculation, but no accurate standard exists to measure the amount of time instructors and students dedicate to courses. The... More

    pp. 31-43

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  3. College Students, Internet Use, and Protection from Online Identity Theft

    Pamela S. Norum & Robert O. Weagley

    The Internet has experienced phenomenal growth in higher education. In addition to many pedagogical benefits, there are potential risks to the student users, including identity theft. This study... More

    pp. 45-59

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  4. Sign Language Subtitling by Highly Comprehensible "Semantroids"

    Nicolleta Adamo-Villani & Gerardo Beni

    We introduce a new method of sign language subtitling aimed at young deaf children who have not acquired reading skills yet, and can communicate only via signs. The method is based on: 1) the... More

    pp. 61-87

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  5. Academic Technology in Higher Education: Organizing for Better Results

    John Nworie

    The field of instructional technology has continued to evolve since its inception in the early 1900s. Academic technology units in higher education have witnessed tremendous change in the last one ... More

    pp. 105-128

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