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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2006 Volume 34, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Spatially Referenced Educational Achievement Data Exploration: A Web-Based Interactive System Integration of GIS, PHP, and MySQL Technologies

    Sean W. Mulvenon, Kening Wang, Sarah Mckenzie & Travis Anderson

    Effective exploration of spatially referenced educational achievement data can help educational researchers and policy analysts speed up gaining valuable insight into datasets. This article... More

    pp. 243-256

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  2. Effects of Embedded Strategies on Promoting the Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in an Online Learning Environment

    Yong-Chil Yang

    The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of embedded strategies on promoting the use of self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS) in an online learning environment. Cognitive strategies... More

    pp. 257-269

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  3. Design, Development, and Validation of Learning Objects

    Gwen Nugent, Leen-Kiat Soh & Ashok Samal

    A learning object is a small, stand-alone, mediated content resource that can be reused in multiple instructional contexts. In this article, we describe our approach to design, develop, and... More

    pp. 271-281

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  4. Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Portfolio for Aspiring Educational Leaders: A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Model

    Traci Redish, Linda Webb & Binbin Jiang

    Following a programmatic model for change, one new educational leadership department describes the process involved to design, develop, and implement a Web-portfolio to integrate, document, and... More

    pp. 283-295

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  5. Field Evaluation of an Online Foster Parent Training System

    Jay Buzhardt & Linda Heitzman-Powell

    The authors developed and evaluated an online foster parent training system designed specifically for low-bandwidth Internet connections and individuals with limited Internet/computer experience.... More

    pp. 297-316

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  6. Manifestation of Pre-Service Teachers' Interpersonal Skills: Effects of Simulated and Real Experience

    Seungyoun Lee & Jack V. Powell

    In this study, we investigated whether the "Interpersonal Relationship Skills with Co-Workers" component of a computerized simulation influenced pre-service early childhood teachers' perception on ... More

    pp. 317-339

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  7. Reconsidering Online Course Discussions: A Case Study

    Erman Yukselturk & Ercan Top

    This study analyzed discussions in asynchronous and synchronous communication of a course given in the online Information Technologies Certificate Program, using Bales's Interaction Process... More

    pp. 341-367

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