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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2005 Volume 33, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Systemic Model for Examination of Countrywide School Computerization

    Egoza Wasserman & Yitzchak Millgram

    This article presents a study whose purpose was to examine how the educational system functions following the assimilation of a technological environment and how the relationships between the... More

    pp. 321-353

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  2. End-User Acceptance of a Learning Management System in Two Hybrid Large-Sized Introductory Undergraduate Courses: A Case Study

    Cheng-Chang "Sam" Pan, Glenda Gunter, Stephen Sivo & Richard Cornell

    Drawing from the Technology Acceptance Model, this correlational study was intended to determine student users' adoption of WebCT and its relationship to their final grade. In acknowledging the... More

    pp. 355-365

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  3. Quality Issues of Group Work and Leadership Emergence in E-Learning: Case Study

    M Fisher, D Tucker & D Silverberg

    This case study investigates the participant structure of leadership in online course environments and helps instructors design and facilitate high-quality lessons. Researchers used course... More

    pp. 367-384

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  4. The Effect of Flexible Learning Delivery Format on Online Learners' Learning, Application, and Instructional Perception

    Doo H. Lim & Michael Lane Morris

    Instructional condition has been an important area of study to improve learner satisfaction and learning outcomes within public and private organizations. Among various types of learning methods... More

    pp. 385-397

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  5. Using Anchored Instruction to Evaluate Mathematical Growth and Understanding

    Terri L. Kurz & Ivana Batarelo

    Anchored instruction is designed to present problems in a meaningful context to allow for investigations into real life environments. The Jasper Project was created to allow students to investigate... More

    pp. 421-436

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  6. Characterization versus Narration: Drama's Role in Multimedia Instructional Software

    Ward Mitchell Cates, M J. Bishop & Woei Hung

    As part of an ongoing research program, the authors investigated the use of single-voiced narration and multi-voiced characterizations/monologues in a formative evaluation study of an instructional... More

    pp. 437-460

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