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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

July 2005 Volume 33, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Using Pictures as a Vehicle to Personalize the Collaborative Learning Environment

    Brian Mackie & Charletta F. Gutierrez

    Business organizations are increasingly adopting collaboration tools to increase communication within the firm. CAMS is a home-grown online collaborative environment which makes heavy use of... More

    pp. 189-204

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  2. Effective Group Dynamics in E-Learning: Case Study

    Mercedes Fisher, Gregory S. Thompson & David A. Silverberg

    Investigating the participant structure that works in online courses helps us design for, and facilitate, collaboration. Learning communities and group work influence collaboration in online... More

    pp. 205-222

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  3. An Investigation into the Effects and Factors Influencing Computer-Based Online Math Problem-Solving in Primary Schools

    Ghada K. Eid

    The main purpose of this study was to determine if online computer-based math problem-solving and paper-and-pencil math problem-solving tests are suitable tools for measuring math problem-solving, ... More

    pp. 223-240

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  4. Sign Language for K-8 Mathematics by 3D Interactive Animation

    Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, John Doublestein & Zachary Martin

    We present a new highly interactive computer animation tool to increase the mathematical skills of deaf children. We aim at increasing the effectiveness of (hearing) parents in teaching arithmetic ... More

    pp. 241-257

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  5. Effects of Contiguity and Feature Animation in Computer-Based Geography Instruction

    Steven M. Crooks, Michael P. Verdi & David R. White

    This study examined the effects of contiguity and feature animation on the recall, map reconstruction, inference performance, and en-route behavior of university students studying a computer... More

    pp. 259-281

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  6. An Empirical Analysis of Negotiation Teaching Methodologies Using a Negotiation Support System

    Beth H. Jones, Gary H. Jones & Debasish Banerjee

    This article describes an experiment that compared different methods of teaching undergraduates the fundamentals of negotiation analysis. Using student subjects, we compared three conditions:... More

    pp. 283-293

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  7. Providing Introductory Psychology Students Access to Online Lecture Notes: The Relationship of Note Use to Performance and Class Attendance

    Mark Grabe, Kimberly Christopherson & Jason Douglas

    The relationships among the frequency of access to online lecture notes, examination performance, and class attendance were investigated. Data on use of online notes were gathered from the log... More

    pp. 295-308

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  8. Faculty Attitudes toward Web-Based Instruction May Not Be Enough: Limited Use and Obstacles to Implementation

    Stephen J. Vodanovich & Chris Piotrowski

    Data from 87 out of 250 faculty (34% response rate) responded to a two-page survey on Internet usage, attitudes, and perceived benefits and shortcomings. Overall, 73.6% of the faculty indicated a... More

    pp. 309-318

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