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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2003 Volume 31, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Enhancing Online Education Using Collaboration Solutions

    Shuzhi Sam Ge & Meng Yong Tok

    With the advances in Internet technologies, online education is fast gaining ground as an extension to traditional education. Webcast allows lectures conducted on campus to be viewed by students... More

    pp. 361-380

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  2. Collaborative Learning Tool for Presenting Authentic Case Studies and Its Impact on Student Participation

    A Lourdusamy, Myint Swe Khine & Mike Sipusic

    Advancement in information and communication technologies has brought about the development of newer tools that can promote collaborative learning. Conversant Media is a tool that allows users to... More

    pp. 381-392

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  3. The Effects of Cognitive Learning Style and Prior Computer Experience on Taiwanese College Students' Computer Self-Efficacy in Computer Literacy Courses

    Ya-Ming Shiue

    This study examines the influences of learners' characteristics on the development of computer self-efficacy using the GOMS (goal, operators, methods, and selection rules) model. Students' learning... More

    pp. 393-409

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  4. The Experience of New WBI-Adopters in Hong Kong

    Lai Hung A Uyeung, Tak Shing Ha & Grace Au

    The innovative use of information and communication technology is becoming increasingly popular among higher education institutions in Hong Kong. The motivation for adoption is expedited by great... More

    pp. 411-422

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  5. Motivation and Learner Characteristics Affecting Online Learning and Learning Application

    Doo H. Lim & Hyunjoong Kim

    Many studies have been conducted to verify the effect of learner characteristics and motivation in traditional classrooms, but very few are found in online learning research. This study sought to... More

    pp. 423-439

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  6. Students as Web Site Authors: Effects on Motivation and Achievement

    Brett D. Jones

    This study examined the effects of a Web site design project on students' motivation and achievement. Tenth-grade biology students worked together in teams on an ecology project that required them ... More

    pp. 441-461

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  7. Providing Introductory Psychology Students Access to Lecture Slides via Blackboard 5: A Negative Impact on Performance

    Jeffrey N. Weatherly, Mark Grabe & Emily I. L. Arthur

    The present study investigated the impact of making lecture outlines available on-line via Blackboard 5 on exam performance of students enrolled in introductory psychology. Performance of students ... More

    pp. 463-474

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