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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2003 Volume 31, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Online Collaborative Learning: Relating Theory to Practice

    Mercedes Fisher

    Educational institutions have rushed to provide online courses; however, too often schools have discovered the difficulty in transferring effective teaching strategies in the classroom to an online... More

    pp. 227-249

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  2. Forming On-Line Impressions: A Class Exercise

    Cathy Bishop-Clark & Beth Dietz-Uhler

    In an exercise designed to assess the accuracy of the impressions we form of people in online settings, students in a Psychology of the Internet course were asked to interact with two people in two... More

    pp. 251-260

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  3. Preparing Students for a Distance Learning Environment: A Comparison of Learning Strategies of In-Class and Distance Learners

    Steve Sizoo, Naveen K. Malhotra & Joseph M. Bearson

    By 2010, college enrollments are expected to increase by one-third, yet this growth happens at a time when colleges and universities are faced with limited or reduced funding [1]. The result is a... More

    pp. 261-273

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  4. LEO: A Learning Environment Organizer to Support Computer-Mediated Instruction

    John W. Coffey & Alberto J. Canas

    This article contains a description of a network-based Learning Environment Organizer entitled LEO, which takes its impetus from the Assimilation Theory of meaningful learning. LEO represents a new... More

    pp. 275-290

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  5. Learner as Bobsled Operator: The Physics of Learner Engagement

    Ward Mitchell Cates & M J. Bishop

    One need not visit many classes to discover some students not sufficiently energized to do the work necessary to learn. Many of these same students, however, immerse themselves in complex... More

    pp. 291-305

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  6. Web Evaluation Tool (WET): A Creative Web Tool for Online Educators

    Mohammad Khalid Hamza

    The Nielsen/Net report Ratings 2000, reported that in 2002, online usage at work jumped 17 percent year-over-year, driven by female office workers. Nearly 46 million American office workers logged ... More

    pp. 307-329

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  7. The Influence of English Language and Spanish Language Captions on Foreign Language Listening/Reading Comprehension

    Paul Markham & Lizette Peter

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of using Spanish captions, English captions, or no captions with a Spanish language soundtrack on intermediate university-level Spanish as a... More

    pp. 331-341

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  8. Design Issues Related to the Creation and Delivery of Asynchronous Multimedia Presentations

    Jay M. Lightfoot

    Technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible to create and distribute digital multimedia recordings of class lectures over the Internet to remote learners. More importantly, the... More

    pp. 343-356

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