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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2002 Volume 30, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Teaching On-Line versus Face-to-Face

    Glenn Gordon Smith, David Ferguson & Mieke Caris

    Investigates and describes the current instructor experience of teaching college courses over the Web versus in face-to-face formats in terms of teaching strategies, social issues, and media... More

    pp. 337-64

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  2. A Case Study of Student Use of Asynchronous Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) To Support Reflection and Evaluation

    Susan M. Land & Michele M. Dornisch

    Discusses computer-supported collaborative learning and reports findings of college students' use of two Web-based discussion forums to supplement face-to-face instruction. Reports on student... More

    pp. 365-77

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  3. Rethinking the Computer in Education

    James E. Gall

    Recounts pivotal events in the development of the modern computer and its role in education. Suggests that rather than solely focusing on networked, personal computers, the future of educational... More

    pp. 379-88

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  4. College Student's Collaborative Use of Inspiration To Generate Concept Maps in an Educational Technology Class

    Nancy J. Gilbert & Barbara A. Greene

    Presents a qualitative study of five groups of college students using Inspiration computer software to construct concept maps in an educational technology class. Considers how the maps changed... More

    pp. 389-402

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  5. Interaction and Communication: An Examination of Gender Differences in Elementary Student Mathematics and Science Learning Using CMC

    Qing Li

    Describes a study conducted in a fifth- and sixth-grade classroom in Toronto that explored gender differences from two perspectives: student interaction patterns, and communication patterns.... More

    pp. 403-26

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  6. Professional Development and Other Factors that Contribute to the Ability To Integrate Technology into Curriculum

    Linda J. Reiser

    Describes a study that investigated teachers' use of technology, particularly computers, within their curriculum. Examined influences of mini-grants, inservice or post-graduate education, personal ... More

    pp. 437-60

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