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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2002 Volume 30, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Presentation Media, Information Complexity, and Learning Outcomes

    Hayward P. Andres & Candice Petersen

    Cognitive processing limitations restrict the number of complex information items held and processed in human working memory. To overcome such limitations, a verbal working memory channel is used... More

    pp. 225-246

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  2. Project-Based Learning: Teachers Learning and Using High-Tech to Preserve Cajun Culture

    Yixin Zhang

    Using project-based learning pedagogy in EdTc 658 Advances in Educational Technology, I have trained inservice teachers in Southwestern Louisiana with an advanced computer multimedia program called... More

    pp. 247-254

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  3. Recommendations for Implementing Internet Inquiry Projects

    Brett D. Jones

    The purpose of this study was to provide recommendations to teachers who are interested in implementing Internet inquiry projects. Four classes of ninth-and tenth-grade honors students (N = 100)... More

    pp. 271-291

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  4. Factors Contributing to Preservice Teachers' Discomfort in a Web-Based Course Structured as an Inquiry

    Barbara S. Spector, Ruth S. Burkett & Cherry O. Steffen

    Reports on a qualitative emergent design study of a preservice teacher's Web-enhanced course on science, technology, and society interaction. Highlights include intellectual scaffolding needed to... More

    pp. 293-310

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  5. Entrepreneurs in Action: A Web-Case Model

    R Wilburn Clouse & Terry Goodin

    Much of traditional schooling in America is built around systems of compliance and control, characteristics which stifle the creative and entrepreneurial instincts of the children who are subjected... More

    pp. 311-321

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  6. Computer Mediated Communication and University International Students

    Nancy Robbins, Yen-Hai Lo, Feng-Heiung Hou, Tsai-Sheng Chou, Chin-Hung Chen, Chao-Chien Chen, Wen-Chiang Chen, Yen-Chuan Chen, Shih-Jen Wang, Shih-Yu Huang & Jong-Yiing Lii

    The design for this preliminary study was based on the experiences of the international students and faculty members of a small southwest university being surveyed and interviewed. The data... More

    pp. 323-331

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