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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2002 Volume 30, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Bridging the Digital Divide in Public Schools

    Virginia E. Garland & Sara E. Wotton

    Describes results of a comparative analysis that investigated the causes of the digital divide between two public high schools in New Hampshire and recommends solutions to the inequities in... More

    pp. 115-23

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  2. Mining Hidden Gems Beneath the Surface: A Look At the Invisible Web

    Randal D. Carlson & Judi Repman

    Describes resources for researchers called the Invisible Web that are hidden from the usual search engines and other tools and contrasts them with those resources available on the surface Web.... More

    pp. 125-35

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  3. The Effectiveness of Course Web Sites in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study

    Christie L. Comunale, Thomas R. Sexton & Diana J. Pedagano Voss

    Describes an exploratory study of the educational effectiveness of course Web sites among undergraduate accounting students and graduate students in business statistics. Measured Web site visit... More

    pp. 171-90

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  4. View from an Electronic Learning Environment: Perceptions and Patterns among Students in an Online Graduate Education Course

    Dorothy Valcarcel Craig

    Describes a study that examined perceptions and patterns of technology use among graduate students enrolled in an online education course. Results showed specific patterns of technology use,... More

    pp. 197-219

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