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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

2001 Volume 29, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Design Guidelines for Optimum Teaching and Learning on the Web

    Mercedes Fisher

    Analyzes Web-based instructional design practices as to how they may influence the student experience and suggests guidelines for achieving optimal learning effectiveness. Evaluates barriers to... More

    pp. 107-18

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  2. Learning and Technology: Distributed Collaborative Learning Using Real-World Cases

    Richard Davis & Dennis Schlais

    Describes the application of Internet technologies for collaboration of globally distributed college student teams working on real-world case problems. Discusses project goals, including giving... More

    pp. 143-56

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  3. Effective Group Work To Enhance Student Achievement and Pro-Social Behaviors in a Computer-Based Science Learning Environment

    Fu-Yun Yu

    Describes a study of fifth-grade Taiwanese students that examined the instructional effects of two grouping methods, cooperation with or without inter-group competition, on student academic... More

    pp. 157-68

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  4. The Effect of Navigation Tools on Learners' Achievement and Attitude in a Hypermedia Environment

    Inez H. Farrell & David M. Moore

    Describes a study of eighth-grade middle school students that was conducted to determine whether varying the amount of learner control and interactivity through the use of different navigation... More

    pp. 169-81

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