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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1998 Volume 26, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Culture as a Decision Variable for Designing Computer Software

    Joyce Williams-Green, Glen Holmes & Thomas A. Sherman

    Culture represents the complex of social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and personal factors that individuals use to create meaning. When these are missing from instructional materials,... More

    pp. 3-18

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  2. Knowledge Acquisition in Computer-Based Learning Environments Among Elementary Children

    Andrew S. Chirwa

    Investigates strategies elementary school children use to conceptualize materials in computer-based learning environments. Results show that 80% of the time students had attention focused on the... More

    pp. 19-25

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  3. Design your Future: Technology Literacy Competency Recommendations for K-12 Education

    Mercedes M. Fisher

    Identifies in-service teacher recommendations for incorporating 11 technology competencies into K-12 education, based on responses of 287 teachers. Charts the responses by elementary, middle and... More

    pp. 27-34

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  4. Changing Computer Skills of Incoming Undergraduate Business Majors

    M B. Khan

    Examines the extent of changes in basic computer literacy of incoming undergraduate business students in 1996 and determines whether these changes are statistically significant compared to skills... More

    pp. 55-66

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  5. Impact of Videoconferencing in Teaching an Introductory MIS Course

    Chetan S. Sankar, F Nelson Ford & Nahiro Terase

    Investigates the impact created by the use of videoconferencing technology in a large MIS class where, traditionally, lecture had been used. Even though 85% of the students who participated in the ... More

    pp. 67-85

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