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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1997 Volume 25, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Competition or Noncompetition: Its Impact on Interpersonal Relationships in a Computer-Assisted Learning Environment

    Fu-Yun Yu

    Describes a study of fifth-grade students in Taiwan that explored the differential effects of intergroup competition on intragroup cooperation and interpersonal relationships within groups in a... More

    pp. 13-24

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  2. Motivational Analyses on the Effects of Type of Instructional Control on Learning from Computer-Based Instruction

    Yong-Chil Yang & Wee-Kyo Chin

    This study analyzed motivational effects of type of instructional control on learning from computer-based instruction, according to Keller's ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction)... More

    pp. 25-35

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  3. The Effects of Using an Advance Organizer on Students' Learning in a Computer Simulation Environment

    Sook-Hi Kang

    Describes a study that investigated whether an advance organizer could facilitate learning in a computer simulation environment using HyperCard. It examined the differential effectiveness of an... More

    pp. 57-65

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  4. Differences by Level of Technology Use on Students' Motivation, Anxiety, and Classroom Learning Environment in Mathematics

    Hersholt C. Waxman & Shwu-Yong L. Huang

    This study examined whether sixth- and eighth-grade students' motivation, anxiety, and classroom learning environment in mathematics differed significantly according to the degree of implementation... More

    pp. 67-77

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