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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1995 Volume 23, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Effects of Cooperative Tutoring on Academic Performance

    Godfrey Franklin

    Describes a study conducted at the University of West Florida with the Navy that investigated the effects of cooperative tutoring on academic performance. Treatments for the experimental and... More

    pp. 13-25

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  2. Case Analysis: An Instructional Tool

    R Wilburn Clouse & Larry N. Garrett

    Describes the application of case analysis to a learner-centered microcomputer-based instructional model. Topics discussed include the use of computer-based case analysis with adult students; case ... More

    pp. 39-51

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  3. The Role of Visual Mental Imagery in the Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff: A Preliminary Investigation

    Carol L. Hodes

    Describes a study of undergraduates that investigated the effects of mental imagery during training on posttest scores. Speed of retrieval time versus accuracy is discussed; perception of imagery... More

    pp. 53-61

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  4. Situating Learning in Technology: The Case of Computer-Mediated Reading Supports

    Salem Aweiss

    This study investigated the effect of using computer-mediated reading supports on the reading comprehension and reading behavior of beginning learners of Arabic as a foreign language.... More

    pp. 63-74

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