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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1991 Volume 19, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. The Mediated Museum: Computer-Based Technology and Museum Infrastructure

    Nanette T. Sterman & Brockenbrough S. Allen

    Describes the use of computer-based tools and techniques in museums. The integration of realia with media-based advice and interpretation is described, electronic replicas of ancient Greek vases in... More

    pp. 21-31

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  2. Effect of Interactivity upon Student Achievement, Completion Intervals, and Affective Perceptions

    Jerry A. Summers

    Describes a study of college students that was conducted to isolate interactivity as an independent variable and test its effects upon student learning, the time required to complete the study unit... More

    pp. 53-57

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  3. Interactive Audio for Computer Assisted Learning

    Fons Jaspers & Zhang Ji-Ping

    Discussion of computer-assisted learning (CAL) and the instructional functions of audio highlights the development of an interactional audio-CAL system used for second-language learning. Levels of ... More

    pp. 59-74

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