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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1986 Volume 14, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. A Comparison of Noninteractive and Interactive Video Instruction about Smokeless Tobacco

    Phyllis M. Levenson

    This study compared undergraduates' cognitive and affective responses to interactive and noninteractive video instruction on smokeless tobacco. The interactive video group demonstrated more... More

    pp. 193-202

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  2. Computer Terminology: Familiarity vs. Understanding

    B Loerinc Helft & Lawrence H. Levine

    This study tested 625 college students in an introductory computer course to determine their knowledge of common computer terms. Results indicate that a large proportion of the terms are used... More

    pp. 203-16

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  3. The Strategic Weapon System Training Program

    Jeffrey A. Cantor

    The U.S. Navy's Strategic Weapon System training program has five principal components: needs assessment/task analysis (Personnel Performance Profile); instructional design (Training Path System); ... More

    pp. 229-38

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  4. Use of a Computerized Data Base for Monitoring Graduate Education: An Analysis of Faculty and Administrative Support

    Gary D. Malaney

    Survey of Ohio State University faculty members and administrators examines their attitudes and perceptions regarding need for, and potential use of, a computerized database to increase efficiency ... More

    pp. 239-60

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