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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1985 Volume 13, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Relative Effectiveness of Corrective and Noncorrective Feedback in Computer Assisted Instruction on Learning and Achievement

    C L. Hodes

    Describes a study of the impact of different feedback types on secondary school students in which treatment groups received either corrective or noncorrective feedback. Results indicate no... More

    pp. 249-54

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  2. Relationship of Computer Users' Performance to Their Attitudes toward Interactive Software

    Avi Rushinek

    Suggests a method of integrating user performance and attitudes toward the computer system into quality control procedures (QCP) and describes an application of user attitudes to the QPC in a class... More

    pp. 255-64

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  3. Assessing Instructional Strategies and Resulting Student Attitudes Regarding Two-Way Television Instruction

    Jon J. Denton

    In a study conducted to examine potential of two-way television as an instructional medium, classroom observation data were collected from 32 presentations--two-way television and conventional--by ... More

    pp. 281-98

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  4. Research for Teachers on Visual Thinking to Solve Verbal Problems

    John A. Hortin

    A study designed to determine whether graduate students could be taught to use visual thinking for problem solving stressed two activities: (1) imagery for problem solving, and (2) active... More

    pp. 299-303

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