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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1985 Volume 13, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Interactive Video: Integrating Design "Levels" and Hardware "Levels."

    Diane M. Gayeski

    Presents a model which integrates design and hardware attributes for both videotape and videodisc technologies and incorporates a wider range of equipment and presentation/testing strategies than... More

    pp. 145-51

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  2. Investigating the Scope of an Advance Organizer for Compiler Concepts

    Lawrence H. Levine & Beatrice M. Loerinc

    Investigates effectiveness of advance organizers for teaching functioning and use of compilers to undergraduate students in computer science courses. Two experimental groups used the advance... More

    pp. 175-83

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  3. On the Educational Uses of Computer-Generated Cartoon Faces

    Clifford A. Pickover

    Focuses on use of computer-drawn faces to explore visualization in learning and for presenting multivariate data. Prior and new research are reviewed and future applications are discussed. ... More

    pp. 185-98

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