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Journal of Educational Technology Systems

1982 Volume 11, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. New Ideas in the Workplace: Learning From Interactive Television

    Kathy Krendl Kwiatek

    Describes an investigation of the effect of using cable television in an inservice training program for elementary school teachers. Results indicate a strong relationship between the learning of... More

    pp. 117-29

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  2. The Development of COBOL and RPG Instructional Modules to Audit Computerized Accounting Systems

    Vincent J. Skudrna

    Details steps involved (as found in the literature) in the systems approach to design and develop instruction in order to provide a rationale for the development of instructional modules in COBOL... More

    pp. 143-53

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  3. Micro-Computer Video Games and Spatial Visualization Acquisition

    Bennie R. Lowery & Frederick G. Knirk

    Discusses the impact and effects of many hours of interaction with computerized video games on the acquisition and development of spatial visualization skills and their relationship to mathematical... More

    pp. 155-66

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  4. Computer-Based Examination Management System

    N K. Mehta

    Discusses the various problems encountered when scheduling examination timetables and a means for overcoming them using a computer-based examination management system to provide the registrar with ... More

    pp. 185-98

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