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1991 Volume 56, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A Generalized Rasch Model for Manifest Predictors

    Aeilko H. Zwinderman

    A method is suggested to estimate the relationship between a latent trait and one or more manifest predictors without estimating subject parameters. The method, developed for the Rasch model, can... More

    pp. 589-600

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  2. Kernel Smoothing Approaches to Nonparametric Item Characteristic Curve Estimation

    J O. Ramsay

    Kernel smoothing methods for nonparametric item characteristic curve estimation are reviewed. A simulation with 500 examinees and real data from 3,000 records of the Graduate Record Examination... More

    pp. 611-30

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  3. An Extension of the Rating Scale Model with an Application to the Measurement of Change

    G H. Fischer & P Parzer

    The polytomous unidimensional Rasch model with equidistant scoring (rating scale model) is extended so that two parameters are linearly decomposed into certain basic parameters. A conditional... More

    pp. 637-51

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  4. Spatial and Conjoint Models Based on Pairwise Comparisons of Dissimilarities and Combined Effects: Complete and Incomplete Design

    Randall Bissett & Bruce Schneider

    The algorithm developed by B. A. Schneider (1980) for analysis of paired comparisons of psychological intervals is replaced by one proposed by R. M. Johnson. Monte Carlo simulations of pairwise... More

    pp. 685-98

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  5. Constrained Latent Class Analysis: Simultaneous Classification and Scaling of Discrete Choice Data

    Ulf Bockenholt & Ingo Bockenholt

    A reparameterization of a latent class model is presented to classify and scale nomial and ordered categorical choice data simultaneously. The model extension represents a nonhomogeneous population... More

    pp. 699-716

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