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Physics Teacher

2018 Volume 56, Number 7

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Lissajous Figures, Musical Intervals, and the Just Diatonic Scale

    Michael J. Ruiz

    The frequency ratios for the just diatonic scale are obtained by identifying musical intervals corresponding to Lissajous figures. The demonstration integrates the engineering physics of Lissajous ... More

    pp. 424-427

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  2. Audiometric Test with a Smartphone

    Lars-Jochen Thoms, Giuseppe Colicchia & Raimund Girwidz

    Smartphones have evolved into all-purpose computing machines with exceptional capabilities. They are becoming increasingly powerful, with modern audio "codec" (coder/decoder) chips that... More

    pp. 478-481

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  3. The Dynamics of the Magnetic Linear Accelerator Examined by Video Motion Analysis

    Sebastian Becker, Michael Thees & Jochen Kuhn

    A magnetic linear accelerator (or Gauss accelerator) is a device that uses the conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy to launch an object with high velocity. A simple experimental... More

    pp. 484-485

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  4. Imaging Planets from Imaginary Worlds

    H. B. Akins & D. A. Smith

    The planets in our solar system are remarkable and captivating objects for beginning astronomers to study. While merely observing the planets is fairly easy, it can be difficult to capture the high... More

    pp. 486-487

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