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Physics Teacher

2018 Volume 56, Number 3

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  1. The Effectiveness of "Pencasts" in Physics Courses

    Nandana Weliweriya, Eleanor C. Sayre & Dean A. Zollman

    Pencasts are videos of problem solving with narration by the problem solver. Pedagogically, students can create pencasts to illustrate their own problem solving to the instructor or to their peers.... More

    pp. 161-163

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  2. Exoplanet Science in the Classroom: Learning Activities for an Introductory Physics Course

    Devin Della-Rose, Randall Carlson, Kimberly de La Harpe, Steven Novotny & Daniel Polsgrove

    Discovery of planets outside our solar system, known as extra-solar planets or exoplanets for short, has been at the forefront of astronomical research for over 25 years. Reports of new discoveries... More

    pp. 170-173

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  3. Study of a Variable Mass Atwood's Machine Using a Smartphone

    Dany Lopez, Isidora Caprile, Fernando Corvacho & Orfa Reyes

    The Atwood machine was invented in 1784 by George Atwood and this system has been widely studied both theoretically and experimentally over the years. Nowadays, it is commonplace that many... More

    pp. 182-183

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