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Physics Teacher

2018 Volume 56, Number 2

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  1. Two-Dimensional Light Diffraction from an EPROM Chip

    Tom Ekkens

    In introductory physics classes, a laser pointer and a compact disc are all the items required to illustrate diffraction of light in a single dimension. If a two-dimensional diffraction pattern is ... More

    pp. 70-71

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  2. Visualizing Sound Directivity via Smartphone Sensors

    Scott H. Hawley & Robert E. McClain

    When Yang-Hann Kim received the Rossing Prize in Acoustics Education at the 2015 meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, he stressed the importance of offering visual depictions of sound... More

    pp. 72-74

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  3. "Periscope": Looking into Learning in Best-Practices Physics Classrooms

    Rachel E. Scherr & Renee Michelle Goertzen

    "Periscope" is a set of lessons to support learning assistants, teaching assistants, and faculty in learning to notice and interpret classroom events the way an accomplished teacher does.... More

    pp. 100-103

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  4. Measuring Average Angular Velocity with a Smartphone Magnetic Field Sensor

    Unofre Pili & Renante Violanda

    The angular velocity of a spinning object is, by standard, measured using a device called a tachometer. However, by directly using it in a classroom setting, the activity is likely to appear as... More

    pp. 114-116

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  5. Introducing the Yellow Laser

    James Lincoln

    The author has acquired a yellow laser with the specific wavelength of 589 nm. Because this is the first time such a laser has been discussed in this journal, I feel it is appropriate to provide a ... More

    pp. 124-125

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