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Physics Teacher

2017 Volume 55, Number 7

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Number of articles: 3

  1. One Method for Inhibiting the Copying of Online Homework

    Hauke Busch

    Over the last several years online homework solutions have become ever more accessible to students. This is due in part to programs like Yahoo Answers, Chegg, publisher solution manuals, and other ... More

    pp. 422-423

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  2. Stable and Unstable Rotational Dynamics of a Smartphone

    Matthew Loth, Chad Gibbons, Sami Belaiter & James B. Clarage

    One of the canonical, and memorable, classroom demonstrations from an upper-division mechanics course is to toss a rigid body with three distinct principal moments of inertia into the air, giving... More

    pp. 431-434

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  3. Adaptation of Acoustic Model Experiments of STM via Smartphones and Tablets

    Michael Thees, Katrin Hochberg, Jochen Kuhn & Martin Aeschlimann

    The importance of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) in today's research and industry leads to the question of how to include such a key technology in physics education. Manfred Euler has... More

    pp. 436-437

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