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Physics Teacher

2016 Volume 54, Number 3

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  1. The Physics of Osmos

    Andrew Vanden Heuvel

    We describe an analysis of the conservation of momentum in the video game Osmos, which demonstrates that the potential of video game analysis extends far beyond kinematics. This analysis can serve ... More

    pp. 146-147

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  2. Harmonic Resonances in Metal Rods--Easy Experimentation with a Smartphone and Tablet PC

    Michael Hirth, Sebastian Gröber, Jochen Kuhn & Andreas Müller

    A variety of experiments with smartphones and tablet PCs allow a precise analysis of acoustic phenomena. For example, we recently described an experiment in which a noise signal simultaneously... More

    pp. 163-167

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  3. Whole Class Laboratories: More Examples

    Minjoon Kouh

    Typically, introductory physics courses are taught with a combination of lectures and laboratories in which students have opportunities to discover the natural laws through hands-on activities in... More

    pp. 174-177

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