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Physics Teacher

April 2015 Volume 53, Number 4

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  1. Relating Time-Dependent Acceleration and Height Using an Elevator

    Jason M. Kinser

    A simple experiment in relating a time-dependent linear acceleration function to height is explored through the use of a smartphone and an elevator. Given acceleration as a function of time, a(t), ... More

    pp. 220-221

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  2. A "Bit" of Quantum Mechanics

    Stefano Oss & Tommaso Rosi

    We have developed an app for iOS-based smart-phones/tablets that allows a 3-D, complex phase-based colorful visualization of hydrogen atom wave functions. Several important features of the quantum ... More

    pp. 230-233

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  3. Photogate Timing with a Smartphone

    Kyle Forinash & Raymond F. Wisman

    In a previous article we demonstrated that a simple, passive external circuit incorporating a thermistor, connected to a mobile device through the headset jack, can be used to collect temperature... More

    pp. 234-235

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  4. Cell Phone RF Radiation

    Wathiq Abdul-Razzaq

    In a recent article in "Physics Today," Meredith and Redish emphasized the need to make introductory physics courses beneficial for life sciences majors. In this study, a lab activity is ... More

    pp. 236-238

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