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Physics Teacher

February 2015 Volume 53, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Myopia Glasses and Optical Power Estimation: An Easy Experiment

    Jair Lúcio Prados Ribeiro

    Human eye optics is a common high school physics topic and students usually show a great interest during our presentation of this theme. In this article, we present an easy way to estimate a... More

    pp. 101-102

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  2. Photorefraction of the Eye

    Giuseppe Colicchia, Hartmut Wiesner & Dean Zollman

    Photorefraction is a method to easily estimate the refractive state of the eye. The principle of photorefraction involves projecting light into the eye during flash photography and then examining... More

    pp. 103-105

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  3. Looking into the Eye with a Smartphone

    Giuseppe Colicchia & Hartmut Wiesner

    Thanks to their sensors and the large number of apps available, smartphones can be used as a useful tool to carry out new laboratory experiments in physics. Such devices, very popular among young... More

    pp. 106-107

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  4. Using Research-Based Interactive Video Vignettes to Enhance Out-of-Class Learning in Introductory Physics

    Priscilla W. Laws, Maxine C. Willis, David P. Jackson, Kathleen Koenig & Robert Teese

    Ever since the first generalized computer-assisted instruction system (PLATO) was introduced over 50 years ago, educators have been adding computer-based materials to their classes. Today many... More

    pp. 114-117

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