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Physics Teacher

December 2014 Volume 52, Number 9

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Number of articles: 3

  1. "Hearing" Electromagnetic Waves

    Marta Rojo & Juan Munoz

    In this work, an educational experience is described in which a microwave communication link is used to make students aware that all electromagnetic waves have the same physical nature and... More

    pp. 554-556

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  2. Familiarizing Students with the Basics of a Smartphone's Internal Sensors

    Colleen Lanz Countryman

    "The Physics Teacher's" "iPhysicsLabs" column has been dedicated to the implementation of smartphones in instructional physics labs as data collection devices. In order to ... More

    pp. 557-559

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  3. Using Experiment and Computer Modeling to Determine the Off-Axis Magnetic Field of a Solenoid

    Juan Jose Lietor-Santos

    The study of the ideal solenoid is a common topic among introductory-based physics textbooks and a typical current arrangement in laboratory hands-on experiences where the magnetic field inside a... More

    pp. 561-563

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