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Physics Teacher

September 2014 Volume 52, Number 6

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  1. Blackbody Radiation from an Incandescent Lamp

    C I. Ribeiro

    In this article we propose an activity aimed at introductory students to help them understand the Stefan-Boltzmann and Wien's displacement laws. It only requires simple materials that are... More

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  2. iRadioactivity--Possibilities and Limitations for Using Smartphones and Tablet PCs as Radioactive Counters: Examples for Studying Different Radioactive Principles in Physics Education

    Jochen Kuhn, Alexander Molz, Sebastian Gröber & Jan Frübis

    A study conducted in 2013 showed that about 70-80% of teens and young adults in the United States own a smartphone. Furthermore the number of tablet PC users in the United States will increase up... More

    pp. 351-356

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