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Physics Teacher

March 2014 Volume 52, Number 3

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  1. Rotational Energy in a Physical Pendulum

    Martín Monteiro, Cecilia Cabeza & Arturo C. Marti

    Smartphone usage has expanded dramatically in recent years worldwide. This revolution also has impact in undergraduate laboratories where different experiences are facilitated by the use of the... More

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  2. A Century-Old Question: Does a Crookes Paddle Wheel Cathode Ray Tube Demonstrate That Electrons Carry Momentum?

    T E. Humphrey & Vaishnavi Calisa

    In 1879, in the midst of the debate between English and continental scientists about the nature of cathode rays, William Crookes conducted an experiment in which a small mill or "paddle wheel&... More

    pp. 142-145

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  3. Analyzing Forces on Amusement Park Rides with Mobile Devices

    Rebecca E. Vieyra & Chrystian Vieyra

    Mobile device accelerometers are a simple and easy way for students to collect accurate and detailed data on an amusement park ride. The resulting data can be graphed to assist in the creation of... More

    pp. 149-151

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